At REZ72 we are WordPress specialists, open-source aficionados working with all of the latest in internet technologies and frameworks. Our mission has always been to bring to the web those strong design qualities rising from standards long established in traditional publishing. To this we add smart, intuitive navigation, dynamic data feeds, and always thoughtful content.

At REZ72 we look to the evolving strengths of this highly technical medium for continual discovery of expressive possibilities. We like the fact that objects can move and dance and sing. We like the idea of design economy inherent in this energetic form of communication, and yes, we laugh at the notion that anyone can do it solely because of software.

At REZ72 we understand that the phrase “Web 2.0” does not have a rigorous definition. As a concept, it is commonly used in at least three ways. First, the term refers to web-based programming techniques that lead to a rich and user-friendly interface, and the development of imagined but otherwise unattainable content. Second, it refers to web-based applications that encourage social interaction or collective contribution for a common good. Third, the term embodies viral marketing strategies and techniques.


Application Development

WordPress is an Open-source development platform. Because it is Open-source, we can develop custom interfaces (themes) and develop or adapt functionality (core and plugins) for all site purposes, without significant overhead. Without doubt, WordPress is the most flexible, highly customizable and fully reliable platform we have ever encountered. When we deploy your application to a production server, the WordPress loop handles all page and post elements as SEO optimized and cross-browser compatible, often incorporating an astonishing array of extended functionality.

Upon completion of your user interface development, we deploy this staging buildout to a live web server and you are ready to go. We are adept at industrial strength, multi-platform, scripted presentation and server communication strategies. In this process we provide the fastest page load times possible for your content as thoroughly optimized according to the full range of metrics observed using the tools GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insights.

We only recommend what we use as this is what we know well…. Here we highly recommend Siteground or Hostmonster as Apache/Linux servers with the best all-around performance and support at the most reasonable price points. For servers dedicted to WordPress, we also highly recommend either WP Engine or FlyWheel as the best of the premium platforms for speed and security when using WordPress and the next logical step up when your site traffic grows and your database response begins to slow.

Client List

Selected URLs – Business to Business:

  • HIT Consultant – WordPress (WP) Platform
  • OEM Capital, Technology Investment Banking – WP Platform Conversion
  • North Forty Road, Web Studio – WP Platform
  • Chrysalis Ventures –
  • American Analytical – Custom WP Theme Development
  • McAsh Oysters, Pty Ltd. –
  • Perfect Planit – Custom WP Theme Development
  • Tel-Comp Solutions – WP Platform: Genesis Framework
  • Predict Measures – WP Platform
  • Toppy America, LLC – WP Platform
  • ACT Appraisal, Inc – WP Platform
  • SSI Manufacturing – WP Platform

Selected URLs – Business to Consumer:

  • The Kingfisher Mobile API – jQuery Mobile Platform
  • CarQuotes – Renovation of Site CSS as Cross-browser Optimized
  • Philly Living Realty – WP Blog
  • Hammersmith Inc – WP Platform
  • Sylvan Alabama – WP Platform
  • The Partnerships for America – WP Platform
  • DL & Company – Joomla Platform
  • Camp Spinoff – WP Platform
  • Scratch DJ Academy – WP Platform
  • Diamond Cutters International – WP Platform
  • United Realty Enterprise, Inc – WP Platform
  • Brain, Child Magazine – WP Platform
  • Legacy Custom Pavers – WP Platform
  • The Seahawk Online – WP Platform – Tide & Weather Functionality
  • Friends Music Libation – WP Platform
  • Jasmine Chinese, Thai & Sushi – WP Platform
  • Get The Net Guide Services – WP Platform
  • The Love Shaka – WP Platform
  • Ronald Richards Law Firm – WP Platform
  • American Guild of Organists – WP Platform
  • DJ Tina T – WP Platform

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